Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome To Prepping With NatSprat!

Hello all my blogworld friends! I have decided to start up a new blog! The ENTIRE purpose of this blog is to help spread the word about being prepared. We'll talk about all things dealing with preparedness, including self sufficiency, food storage, recipes for cooking with the basics, financial preparation, gardening, DIY, even some wilderness survival tips! (Poison Ivy salad anyone? I think not.) We'll do things like making your own laundry soap and other household things, cooking with food storage, tips on frugal living, and how to survive a zombie attack. Okay, the last one was a joke. But the picture is awesome.
Trying to be prepared can seem so overwhelming sometimes. "Where do I start? How much do I need? What the heck am I even preparing for!?!" My goal for this blog is to help make it easy, understandable, but more importantly...FUN. :) I'll even have some giveaways on here. Let's get this party started!!!

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