Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dollar Tree 72 Hour Kit Part 4: Cover and Shelter Options

Welcome to Day 4 of our Dollar Tree 72 Hour Kit Party! Today's video is going over cover and shelter options. This kit is for indoor AND outdoor survival, so if you have to spend some time outdoors with your kit, it is important to have some sort of a shelter. Especially if you have little kids. The shelter will protect you from the rain and help retain some of your body heat.

Have you seen the tube tents that you can get for your 72 hour kits?

Well, they don't sell those at Dollar Tree, and since this is just using Dollar Tree items, the purpose of the drop cloths is to make a similar type shelter. Our kits will also include rope and duct tape to put the shelters up, but for now, the only thing on the list is just the drop cloths. (One for the top, and one for the bottom)We'll talk about the tape and rope later on. ;)

(I'll do a tutorial on building a shelter out of the drop cloths later.)

I wish that Dollar Tree sold those mylar blankets...but they don't. So, the fabric backed tablecloths will have to do. I bought a few of them for my kit, but I will be using mine with the mylar blankets. At least the softness of the fabric will feel a little better than the mylar...sort of like a blanket.

Trash bags are all sorts of useful. You can use them to collect water, you can use them as a mini sleeping bag, you can use them as a back up poncho, you can use them to put wet/dirty things in to keep them from getting the rest of your kit all soggy. Just a good thing to have in your kit.

So, for now, here is your Dollar Tree Shopping List.

Tomorrow's topic: Water Containers


  1. Okay Natalie! You are just freaking amazing! I am feeling a bit (a TON) inadequate! How do you do it all? Seriously! Spill! You must be one heck of a time manager! Your keep up two blogs, Do amazing crafts, talented in sewing, furniture/room re-dos, yummy recipes, gardening,your fabulous finds, not to mention kiddos and their school and extra activities, House hold stuff like laundry and meals and housekeeping, and you look like a model to boot! And now I find out emergency preparedness! I am exhausted just typing it! And I'm sure I'm leaving out a few hundred things. What is your secret to doing it all? Help! I feel like I frantically try to keep just the bare basics together! How do you manage it all-especially having the time and energy for it all? You are inspiring! -- from a worn out mother of four wanting to do better! lol! (maybe a Dear Nat column...)

  2. Oh my goodness! Hahah! You are too nice! Don't be discouraged, my friend! I swear my life is not as grand as you think it is. (As I'm sitting here typing with my nappy hair in a messy ponytail with a gigantic PMS pimple the size of Mount Everest and smelling like vinegar from trying that dawn and vinegar shower cleaner and paint all over my arms from re-painting the master bedroom a paint color that DID NOT turn out to be the color I thought it would be and wishing I had just left well enough alone....)What you don't get to see is my every day life complete with meltdowns and no makeup (seriously, first thing in the morning Natalie is scary!), the piles of laundry needing to be done, the toys all over the floor, the recipe utter-fails, sewing disasters, etc.! Maybe I should start up a "Failure Friday" post thing so you can see everything I fail at and get a glimpse of my every day life! Hahah! I would be happy to try and see if I can help you out with whatever you need though! Keep your chin up! ((HUGS))