Thursday, May 10, 2012

Part 5 Dollar Tree 72 Hour Kit: Container Options

I don't know if anyone is reading these...but I'm going to keep going just for the fun of it. Today is Day 5 of the Dollar Tree 72 Hour Kit thing, and the topic is containers. Your list is simple, aluminum water bottles, a bread pan (to use for cooking or boiling water), and aluminum foil which is also useful when cooking over a fire. And...that about covers it for today!

Tomorrow's topic: Cordage (the fancy way of saying ROPES)


  1. Hey Chica, I am passing on the Kreative Blogger award. Come check it out at

  2. I just found your site. I have been all over your blog, reading... I just love everything. I have 2 tiny children, an infant & a young toddler. Thanks for so much useful info! I am assuming this is the last of the dollar tree kit posts?!

  3. Thank you! There were actually supposed to be more of these, but nobody was reading them so I stopped doing them. :/ If you go to the youtube videos, he will show you the ENTIRE list! They really are great videos. Congratulations on getting your emergency preparedness going!!! That's awesome!