Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dollar Tree 72 Hour Kit Party {Part 1}

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Welcome to my Dollar Tree 72 hour kit party! 

 Being prepared doesn't have to cost a fortune. How would you like to make an entire 72 hour kit with spending only $1 on each item?  (Come on...raise your hand, I know mine is up!)

I found a great link on Youtube that I wanted to share with you! This guy (love his Southern accent...) made an entire 72 hour kit from things he found at Dollar Tree! He spent under $50 on the whole thing! There are a total of 12 videos where he goes over the different items in his pack and reviews them. He has a lot of really good pointers and advice, and is also a doctor so he knows about the medical aspect of a 72 hour kit. I ended up going to Dollar Tree yesterday and getting some more things for my kit that he suggested. Everything he mentioned was there...and I gotta admit, I wish I had seen this before I put together mine! I could have saved some $$$!

So....each day for the next 12 days I am going to post one of the videos for you to watch, as well as a list of items for you to get! 

Today's clip is about what to put your items in. You don't necessarily need a backpack, just a sturdy bag. I started with clip 2 because clip 1 was just saying "Hey guys, I'm going to make a 72 hour kit out of things from Dollar Tree! Let's go!"

 So, you are looking for
 The vinyl utility bags are in the laundry section with the mesh hampers, clothespins, organizing totes, etc. They come in several different colors. The Store It bags are by the paper plates, trash bags and disposable aluminum cookware. If you can't find the ones with the handle, just get the Gallon sized ones! Happy hunting! :)

See you tomorrow for Part 2: Cutting tools (knives, etc.)!

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